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this isn’t how you make friends, chalice…

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In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf had a pretty awesome crown setup going.  I wanted to capture the look and feel of the whole piece and translate it to something a little more useful.  Sure, the crown’s cool and all, but getting your hair to go along with it?  Way more intensive.

So I came up with this.  5 rings, wrist cuff, and matching hand plate.  It might not be the Triforce of Power, but it’ll look just as good on your left hand.  More than fit for a god-king, or the puppetmaster of the Twilight Realm, I’m super, super pleased with how it turned out.

never stop making awesome LoZ stuff because you are amazing

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Just downloaded an app for money and …

Just downloaded an app for money and …

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FOX’S END OF THESIS AND WELCOME CELEBRATION! hello, hello! as the latest registration window coincided with my thesis submission deadline, i decided to do a giveaway to celebrate these two things at once! welcome to the new users, I hope you have an awesome experience here on FR! some of the dragons of Clan Fox have pooled together their resources to offer some prizes for entering this giveaway!

  • there will be 24 winners! each user may choose up to 3 items, based on a first-drawn-first-served basis. you can mix and match your selections, get two of the same familiars, etc!
  • deadline for this giveaway is 23:59 FRtime this Saturday, 19 April!
  • both old and new users may enter this giveaway!
  • i’ll be randomly sending newbie entrants some things from my hoard, be it familiars, apparel, treasure, etc! hehe.
  • you don’t have to be following me to enter.
  • HOW TO ENTER: just reblog this post with your username and ID, and tell me something about your clan (it can be your plans for it, your favourite dragon, etc), OR, as i’m planning a grad trip to Japan this coming June, suggestions on what to do/see/eat/take note of in Kyoto/Hiroshima/Osaka!

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I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my clan yet since I still am not sure just what I can end up doing as I just joined two days ago now and only still have my two dragons. I really want to try make a really beautiful dragon that looks strong and protective but cuddly and cute some day.

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Study Finds that the United States is an Oligarchy, not a Democracy →




While this may be a big “duh” to a lot of U.S. citizens, a recent study which has been made open for public viewing concludes that the United States’ system of government is closer to that of a (corporate) oligarchy than it is a democracy. That is to say that power is vested within a small group of people, as opposed to the majority.

Historically speaking, oligarchies generally devolve into tyrannical states due to the concentration of power (usually based on class) with a smaller group of people who generally do not agree with the interests or preferences of the majority; these types of frictions lead to oppression by making some people more “equal” than others, as demonstrated in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, essentially giving people certain rights, but allowing those rights more freely to certain groups.

I remember in the 6th grade when we were learning about different types of governments and we got to oligarchy I said to the teacher “Oh so that’s what America is right?” and he looked at me like i was crazy and said “No Elijah, America is a democracy because the citizens also have power” and I said “what power?” and he said “We can vote” and I was kind of quite for a little bit because i thought he was gonna say something else and I was like “Is that it?” and he just went on to the next lesson

I was always so confused at people telling me that my vote held power


the electoral college votes

so what’s the point

nobody’s ever responded adequately to that

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Important fact: Disdain, the God of Hate, is a peaceful god. He. doesn’t like fighting. He’s a pacifist. 

He hates fighting. She loves world domination.

What the hell.

My Deities are important and strange. 

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I want to get into writing again but I got a few issues/questions so I want advice if that’s okay.

  1. What’s a good place to post writings? I’ve done some looking and I’m honestly not sure what would be a good place to get involved in for it.
  2. I’m going to just start and pretend like I’ve never written before and go from there so I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there willing to maybe read some stuff and give me calm advice on it to help me improve? [The reason I lost my will to write was being overly bashed without end so I’m terrified. I just want calm advice to help me get back into things.]
  3. I literally cannot remember the other stuff I wanted to say. I feel really really bad for that. There were other things I swear.

Anyway I would be writing stories, poetry, practically anything really. I know my poetry I can just post on tumblr that’s fine but I mean the other stuff, short stories, possibly fan fiction but I mostly will try original works. I have too many characters and ideas to do otherwise.

Just an advice and at least to know where to post stuff would be nice.

( = ^ - ^ = )

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