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This is literally my most favorite scene in any anime, ever.

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Amaura & Aurorus

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I am so fucking pissed off right now. I just left a site I just joined teh day before. I wanted to roleplay some pokemon and I guess I won’t be doing that.

They won’t let me play as an Agender character.

"ok, cookie…your character needs a gender….nether isnt actually allowed as its not possible"

It’s ‘against the rules’ because ‘there are only female and male’ and it’s ‘wrong to bend the rules for one person’. They, multiple people were being rude about my gender. Saying that it’s impossible, it doesn’t exist and it’s not allowed. I quote

"The issue is everyone has a gender, its not realistic to play someone without one"

"I cant bend the rules for any one member, i would love to but its wrong"
Also one did the ‘was in a college class I learned about this’ bullshit.

I said they are being disrespectful and I felt harassed because they won’t respect my identity.

"It’s not harrassment. Nor is it disrespectful. But oh well." [Yeah it’s such a small deal being forced to being called something I’m not and being treated like I’m not allowed to exist]

One of them said the respect my gender and then gave me a few posts on how everyone has a female or male base. Sure are respecting my gender to keep telling me I can’t exist, I’m not allowed to exist and forcing me to identify as something I’m not. You so respect me.

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Some genius replaced the music in the Party Rock video with the cantina song from Star Wars and it matches perfectly






There is a god.

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Anthony Mackie being the first black superhero (and making Bill O’Reilly uncomfortable) on Jimmy Fallon (x)

I am so happy that Anthony Mackie is a person that exists.

For anyone who’s going: “But what about Storm/Hancock/Frozone/War Machine etc etc?”: they’re referring to the fact that the character Falcon was the first African-American superhero* created (debuted in Captain America #177 in 1969). If you’ve watched the clip, you’ll notice that Mackie corrects Jimmy Fallon when he says first black superhero. This is because the first black superhero was Black Panther - debuted in Fantastic Four #52 in 1966 - whom lives in the fictive African country Wakanda, and is thus not a citizen of the USA.

(* = the word “superhero” is usually not used for hero characters that pre-date Superman, nor actually very often used outside the mainstream comic book companies aka DC Comics and Marvel Comics. This is why such characters as The Phantom, created in 1936 aka 2 years before Superman, and whom wears spandex and a mask and punches evil guys in the face, is not generally dubbed a super hero. Anyway, the point of this asterisk is that I have no idea how many fictional, non-“super” hero characters there were of African decent before 1966)

Reblogging for uncomfortable O’Reilly and awesome comic book information.

This is absolutely magical.

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